Creating a Home Recording Studio

Recording music within the comforts of your own home is something that wouldn't have been possible just a few years ago. However, with the advancement in computer technology and quality budget recording equipment, it's possible to produce studio quality albums for a fraction of the price. Here are some essential pieces of equipment that you should use to ensure you have the creative freedom you need to make the number one spot on the music charts. Read More 

What to Look For When Selecting a Security System

When you select a security system for your home, you should make sure that the security system is effective and has excellent customer experience so that it can adequately protect your home. If the security system has not been reviewed or does not have experience in protecting homes, you should probably choose a system with a little more experience. Here are some qualities that you should have in a security system for your home to make the system and your home the safest possible. Read More 

Combine Ventilation and Security With These Four Ideas

If you want your home or business to be super secure, a security door may be the right answer. These heavy metal doors paired with metal frames are nearly impossible for thieves to penetrate, and they give you peace of mind regarding your security. However, if you love fresh air, you may be wondering if there is any way to have a well-ventilated security door. Here are some tips and ideas to consider: Read More 

These Low-Tech Alternatives to Social Media Could Boost Your Startup’s Creativity

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn -- the list of social media sites goes on and on. There's nothing wrong with being one of the many startups who use social media in the office on a daily basis. After all, these platforms were created to facilitate communication. However, you shouldn't let yourself and your team get too wrapped up in technology. Sometimes there are better, more refreshing ways to encourage creativity and connection. Read More