These Low-Tech Alternatives to Social Media Could Boost Your Startup’s Creativity

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn -- the list of social media sites goes on and on. There's nothing wrong with being one of the many startups who use social media in the office on a daily basis. After all, these platforms were created to facilitate communication. However, you shouldn't let yourself and your team get too wrapped up in technology. Sometimes there are better, more refreshing ways to encourage creativity and connection. Why not try these 2 alternatives to your favourite sites and see what new ideas your office can come up with?

Instead of Pinterest, Use Pinboards

Since its conception in 2010, Pinterest has amassed a user base of 100 million monthly active users, many of whom use the platform for work and business. Are you using Pinterest in your startup office? Are you impressed with the way the site allows you to communicate with your co-founders through brainstorming, vision boarding, and more? Pinterest may seem like it has unmatched potential, but don't forget the concept this website was built on: pinboards.

In all the high-tech commotion of today's workplace, it's easy to forget that pinboards (also known as corkboards) and whiteboards have always been a low-tech way share ideas, concepts, and even images with your peers. Pinboards and whiteboards even have an advantage over their online cousin in that they're always visible.

To see your co-workers boards on Pinterest, you need to visit the site first. On a busy work day, it's easy to forget to check out what your employees are pinning. Whiteboards and pinboards, on the other hand, are always visible in the work environment. Position them in central areas like coffee rooms, hallways, and office spaces so people can't help but look at them. This encourages your fellow entrepreneurs to brainstorm throughout the day, keeping the workplace vibe consistently creative.

Instead of Instagram, Use Photo Frames

Instagram is arguably one of the best social media platforms for enhancing creativity. Visual thinkers benefit greatly from the ability to share and access photos with the click of a button. However, this app can be more of a hindrance than a help in the office. It's near impossible to avoid getting distracted as it's so easy to lose yourself in a stream of pictures. How can you appeal to your co-workers' visual minds without encouraging them to get glued to their screens? Why not try the old-fashioned photo frame?

While printing and framing photos isn't quite as easy as using Instagram, this practice can benefit your office in greater ways than a social media platform can. Everyone knows that good décor makes workers more productive, and having photos on walls and desks can really brighten up a room. But don't use just any pictures. Get your co-worker to bring in and frame their own meaningful photographs of family, friends, pets, and special memories. These photos will make your team feel happy and inspired everywhere they look, making them more creative. They'll also spark conversation, encouraging everyone to connect and communicate ideas, concepts, thoughts and feelings.