Combine Ventilation and Security With These Four Ideas

If you want your home or business to be super secure, a security door may be the right answer. These heavy metal doors paired with metal frames are nearly impossible for thieves to penetrate, and they give you peace of mind regarding your security. However, if you love fresh air, you may be wondering if there is any way to have a well-ventilated security door.

Here are some tips and ideas to consider:

1. Pair your door with security screens.

Security screens can be installed with a standard door or paired with a security door. Either way, they provide an extra layer of security. Security screen doors feature metal frames, and the majority of the door is metal as well. However, the middle of the door has an open screen area, typically featuring metal mesh screen that cannot be cut or bludgeoned through. If you want the air to flow into your facility without compromising safety, just open the main door while keeping the security screen locked and closed.

2. Install louvres into the door.

You can buy metal security doors with louvres, or you can buy a louvred panel, cut a hole in the security door and weld it in. These small panels basically look like a set of closed blinds. The metal slats allow air to travel through the door, but the openings between the slats are too small for anything to pass through.

3. Consider vents over the door.

Instead of adding vents to a door, consider adding vents around the door. You can add large metal vents, similar to the louvred panels described above, to the space above your door or next to it. If you want to control the airflow, look for louvred panels that can open and close slightly.  

4. Look into security gates instead of doors.

In lieu of heavy metal security doors, consider keeping your existing doors but installing security gates over them. Security gates, of course, are made of durable metal that cannot be penetrated. Depending on the style you select, the gates can pull down like garage doors, or they can be stored at the sides and pulled to the centre when closed. Most gates have holes in them, and if you simply open your regular door whilst keeping the security gates closed, you can enjoy fresh air through your facility without reducing safety.

For more ideas on combining ventilation and security, contact a security door sales rep.