Security Systems | 3 Intelligent Features for Smarter Home Security

Modern home security isn't just about alarms going off during unexpected home intrusions anymore. If you haven't invested in smart security systems yet, keep in mind that your home is valuable. You don't have to invest in heavy-duty expensive security systems that will cost you a small fortune. Basic security systems with smart features will efficiently and successfully protect your home. Stay Connected through Live Video Feed  Whether you're at work or on vacation, you will know who enters and exits your home through live video on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Read More 

DIY Data Cabling: 3 Essential Tips

With some planning and implementation of a few data cabling best practices, it is possible for your DIY wiring project to limit most future maintenance headaches that you may have faced. This article discusses three important data cabling tips that will help you avoid present and future problems: Upsize Conduits Conduits (pipes through which you will run data cables) should be much larger than what you need for the cables you intend to lay. Read More