Security Systems | 3 Intelligent Features for Smarter Home Security

Modern home security isn't just about alarms going off during unexpected home intrusions anymore. If you haven't invested in smart security systems yet, keep in mind that your home is valuable. You don't have to invest in heavy-duty expensive security systems that will cost you a small fortune. Basic security systems with smart features will efficiently and successfully protect your home.

Stay Connected through Live Video Feed 

Whether you're at work or on vacation, you will know who enters and exits your home through live video on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This feature connects day and night vision cameras with live video streaming installed in your home to your devices through the Internet. If you notice something amiss, you can contact your security agency to check into your home immediately. This feature is especially useful, because you are aware of everything taking place in your home and can undertake quick action when necessary––yes, even when your nanny isn't paying close enough attention to your newborn.

Home Control from Anywhere through Motion Sensors 

Whether you're in another continent or simply at the neighbour's house for dinner, you can control the lighting through motion sensors in your home as you desire. For example, have the patio lights come on just before you reach your home or light up one bedroom so people think you're at home. Some smart security systems allow you to control almost every home appliance through your smartphone or computer at the click of a few buttons. For example, turn off the air conditioning from afar in case you've forgotten about it. Or set the dishwasher on, so the dishes are done by the time you get home. Even if you have left your house without setting your security systems, you can log in remotely to set them––so you won't have to worry about giving up your home's access code to your neighbors to turn the system on for you.

Monitoring for Potential Home Disasters

A burglary or unwanted intrusion isn't the only source of danger to your home. In fact, your home is far more likely to suffer from damage caused by undetected fires and concealed water leaks. You'll probably only notice these dangers after they have caused irreparable and expensive damage to your home. Smart security systems offer smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection and water leak detection sensors, so you'll get an immediate notification when any of these problems occur in your home.

If you're looking to smarten up your home's security systems, consider adding these intelligent features for a stress-free lifestyle.