Critical Features to Look for in Access Control Security Systems

Protecting and preventing your commercial property from nefarious elements can be pretty challenging if you do not have the right security system in place. Yet, some businesses slack when investing in a commercial security system. Access control systems make part of an elaborate system that determines who gains entry into commercial premises. That said, access control systems are not a one-size-fits-all product. Therefore, paying close attention to what you are buying is vital. This article highlights critical qualities to look for in a robust access control security system.

Visitor Management Add-Ons

Visitors are crucial to any business organisation, and while most might be innocent, the last thing you should do is let your guard down. Access control systems with digital guest management solutions have revolutionised the visitor management processes. Rather than rely on the traditional paper-based visitor management, a low-level security system, digital visitor management offers unrivalled compliance thanks to the stringent data security regulations. For instance, it ensures that visitors' credentials are recorded from the gateway to the end, giving management a clear picture of a visitor's movement within the premises. Moreover, the data obtained from a visitor management solution can help receptionists and security personnel make critical decisions. For example, suppose the logs from a visitor management solution reveal that more visitors come to the premises on weekends. In that case, security personnel can deploy more guards during such peak hours for added vigilance.

Unique Alarm Notifications

Due to indistinguishable alarm systems, false alarms are common in commercial premises. For instance, a security system that has similar alarms for when doors are held open for too long and when doors are forced open might confuse employees, customers and security personnel. Thus, a reliable access control system should be equipped with unique alarm notifications for different scenarios. It helps security personnel act accordingly without wasting resources and disturbing normal business operations.

Photo Notification

This feature is found in advanced access control units and as part of a premium security systems package. Notably, photo notifications go beyond simply recording the badge or ID used to access certain access-protected entryways. Instead, the access control can be configured to capture photos of all users who pass through access-protected areas. Therefore, it eliminates a scenario where an unsuitable badge is used to access protected zones. Most importantly, access control systems with photo notifications offer security teams improved visibility of users entering access-protected locations.

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