How reliable is your lift phone?

Lifts are an essential means for moving up tall buildings to reach the homes or offices situated on the upper floors. Not many people feel like climbing long flights of stairs every day, so a lift is a vital piece of equipment for moving people up and down the building and the lift gets used with barely a second thought. While residents may not spend time thinking about the lift, building managers and property owners don't have that luxury. Property owners need to consider that a lift brings with it serious responsibilities regarding safety and maintenance, and to take steps to ensure that the lift is safe at all times.

What's your emergency procedure?

What happens to passengers in your lift in the event of an emergency? What happens if the lift fails between floors leaving passengers stranded and unable to exit the lift? If there are people stuck in the lift in your building, it is vital that you are aware of the situation as quickly as possible so that you can ensure they are rescued with the minimum of delay. The simplest solution to establishing communication is to ensure that your lift is fitted with a 4G lift phone. A functioning lift phone ensures that those in the lift can communicate their situation to those outside as soon as they become stuck and a rescue team can be dispatched immediately.

What features should you look for in a 4G lift phone?

If you are choosing a phone system for your lifts, then the first thing you must check is that the suggested phone system complies with the relevant Australian standards. Beyond the obvious basics, there are a lot of useful features that you might consider adding to your system. A Back To Base Alarm system that is triggered in an emergency could be really helpful. Any phone would certainly benefit from a battery backup so that the phone would continue working in the event of a power failure.

Another feature that is not often remembered is auto network failure detection with a second SIM set for an alternate carrier in case the designated phone carrier is experiencing difficulties. Whatever 4G lift phone you decide to purchase, don't forget to ask about the warranty and ensure that your purchase is protected in the event of faults for at least 12 months. If you have looked at the options, but still aren't certain which phone system you should choose then talking to the supplier is your best option. They will have the experience to direct you towards the best 4G lift phone for your building.